Our name has proven success over the decades

CEO's Vision

Building Future Generations one step at a time

Al-Shamil Group; established in 2006, has been delivering sustainable and long term projects to better the quality of life in the Middle East and North Africa Region. 

We continue to face daily new challenges that makes us strive to better our leadership and transform our decisions into ideal projects that benefit communities over long periods of time. We have undergone an organizational transformation that includes initiatives such as globalization and restructuring. These improvements will enable us to become faster at identifying and addressing shifts in the landscape. However, there is so much more to be done and we remain fully committed intro strengthening our capabilities and to further evolve our group going froward. 

It is very essential that we align our actions to meet consumer needs. We always make sure that the 4S model is in place which affirms our commitment to serve our stakeholders; shareholders, consumers, employees and the society as a whole. 

We are reassured that “Al-Shamil Group”, with consumers at the heart of everything we do, is the virtuous approach to enhancing corporate values in mid to long term relationships and maximizing the results of all stakeholders.  

Majid Shamil 

President, Chief Executive Officer 


Construction & Logistics, Innovation, and General Trading

Construction & Logistics

We strive in making sure that we bring the best quality of works in the construction industry, through our top notch experts in the field. We have implemented more than 1,000 construction projects in the MENA region over 15 years of hard work and sweat. Projects vary but are not limited to, building of hospitals, schools, houses, hotels, to water treatment plants, water networking, camp construction etc.. Al-Shamil Group is also involved in the logistics sector with its partners whom include ADSA and ISS where we have a way of transportation to more than 65 countries world wide.


We tend to take lead and invest in existing projects that suffer from a lot of problems and turn it around by utilizing our resources and environment in a more creative way. We strive to focus on development projects, whether it is a physical, mental or growth based projects to help secure the quality of life of the people in a given society/community.

General Trading

We try to perfect our trading pyramid in countries including Iraq, Syria, UAE and Canada. Where we import and export all types of heavy equipment/machinery, oil & gas substances, and general food supplies. Our extensive background in trade has proven our dedication onto bringing the best quality for the cheapest prices.

Always striving to be the best in the Global market

Owned Agencies & Brands

Julius Meinl Premium Coffee and Tea

Service lies at the heart of Julius Meinl. Since 1862, we’ve been sourcing, innovating, and delighting customers and businesses with premium coffee, fine tea and more. Julius Meinl is a family company and the global ambassador for Viennese Coffee House Culture. We’ve passed all our passion, expertise and specialist knowledge down the generations to share with you today.

The Legends Hub Café

The Legends Hub Café was established in 2021, the first ever Board Games café in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. More than 500 board games are offered along side some exclusive snacks and drinks. The concept is to help reduce the use of virtual communications and resume the social cohesion between the community through brain stimulating fun and competitions.


Established in 2015, SuperHeated Neurons is a multinational publisher and distributor of board games in the Arab World with head offices in Dubai and Beirut. Led by a passionate and dedicated team, we specialize in creating valuable experiences through games that bring people together.